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Labour cost

The process for having your appliance repaired is simple, just contact us with the following information. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Make and model

  • Description of fault

  • Contact number

  • Name and address 

  • Your preferred date and time for a booking


 Information on bookings and labour costs can be found using this link

If your appliance is uneconomical to repair or you decide not to go ahead with the repair, then an inspection fee of £55.00 is charged. That £55.00 can be used towards a replacement appliance supplied and installed by Home Appliance. Labour is from £75.00 plus the cost of any spares used.

Ideally your appliances all work faultlessly, during use they are wearing down gradually. Heat elements on washing machines and dishwashers exposed to hard water with lime scale covering them can break down. Tumble dryer belts snap over time and the rear bearing can wear. The heat elements in your oven will at some point fail to produce heat This is just a few examples of the things that cause your appliances to stop working properly.

If you suspect you have a fault with your appliance, contact us straight away for advice. The longer you leave a fault the worse it can get and the more the repair could cost.

If that does happen and you’re left without the use of your appliances we are here to respond to any calls or messages, bookings can be made for the same day as your call or next day whatever is convenient to you. Evening and weekend bookings too. Even if you just want to replace a tired old appliance that has had many repairs, we have that covered too. With a large range of appliances many makes and models available to be delivered and installed professionally in your home or workplace.

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