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How Home Appliance has improved

Hello, And a happy new year for 2018 to anyone who is reading this!

2017 has been a busy year for us at Home Appliance. Myself and Peter have been busy learning more about what you the customers want in an appliance repair service.

Feedback is collected as much as possible and our management of booking calls and keeping you informed all the way with the progress on the repair is important. Its too easy to just crack on with the repair and not keep you informed on the cost of the work or the time scale of any spares that are to be delivered.


2018 is the year where Home Appliance has got even better at delivering a good service. We want to build a good relationship with our customers and gain new customers who will remember us when they have friends and family who are in need of a repair.

When you have problems with your washing machine not spinning, or its leaking all over the place call us, we can get it running properly.

Your electric oven and dishwasher too. We can have them working properly. Once repaired we will test it fully and ensure its working properly and safely.

Tumble dryers are used a lot in the winter months and Home Appliance can have yours up and running smoothly. The fire risk with lint build up can be reduced by having a service carried out to remove it all.

If you prefer to have a new appliance, we can supply deliver and install them. In 2017 Home Appliance got a trade account with an appliance company. We bulk order and get a good discount that can be passed onto you. We don't need to carry stock either, they store it in there massive warehouse.

There are many reasons to choose Home Appliance for your local low cost appliance repair service.

Call us on 07544 943 594 to arrange your next booking.

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