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Home Appliance expansion

As you may be aware there is a new service engineer working with Home Appliance. Collectively we bring a wealth of knowledge, collaborating ideas and skills to give you an even better service. Finding the right person for this role has been hard.

Some of our customers may remember that Home Appliance started off supplying reconditioned washing machines and dryers, gradually moving onto carrying out repairs. Time served with working along side service engineers to gain skills and experience as well as constantly researching fault codes and wiring diagrams. Training programs attended with various companies to get an insight into the new models coming into the market came in handy too. We have now moved on to offer you a better service. Enquiries have been made with an appliance stockist that offer us a large range of appliances that can be available on a day's notice for delivery. The Home Appliance web site has been updated to accommodate this. There is a selection of hand picked deals that are chosen due to popularity and offer the best value for money. It is a competitive market out there, we have done the research and price matched with the major suppliers. Our service includes delivery and installation that is offered on the same day or next day of the call. We know about how these appliances should be working and how they should be installed correctly, our customer service makes it a stress free process. Quality reconditioned appliances are also available supplied and fitted by us too. Dishwashers are now catered for and we have carried out a number of repairs now all thanks to our 2nd service engineer bringing his knowledge and experience to the team. So if you have a dishwasher that has been left neglected and unused we can bring it back to life and you can finally hang those marigolds up. When you find a fault with any of your appliances it can be frustrating. Having them not working properly or not at all can cause many problems and we offer same day or next day bookings to get your appliance back up and running again. • Washing machine (School clothes, work uniform ect not cleaned for the start of the week, laundry basket piling up.) • Tumble dryers (With the unpredictable weather when hanging clothes to dry indoors is becoming a problem with condensation.) • Ovens/cookers (Takeaways and microwave meals becoming boring.) • Dishwashers (Especially with large families the washing up pile is too much of a time consuming chore.) In the event of your appliance seeing the last of its days we can offer you a shiny new appliance in its place. Having two people involved in the delivery process makes it possible now.

Call 07544943594 for advice and to book a repair.

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