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New appliances

Hi ,

Myself and Peter have listed loads of new appliances available that can be seen on the home appliance face book page as well as the website. Washing machines and ovens - cookers and hobs, dishwashers and tumble dryers as well are all available, too many to list

We would remove your old appliance and dispose of it responsibly using our approved licence scrap company.

Built in appliances are no problem for us. Your kitchen will be in good hands, all electrics and plumbing and flooring will be inspected and if any alterations are needed we can arrange for the work to be taken on before installing your new appliance.

Once installed the appliance will be fully tested ensuring that no leaks are evident and the appliance operates as it should.

A demonstration will be given if needed so you can benefit from the many functions available on your new appliance. Based on your needs and family size we can offer you options so you can use your new appliance to its fullest.

Many appliances are now designed to be energy efficient and its worth asking us for options on those energy savings, water and electric savings can be made on tumble dryers and washing machines available to us. Dishwashers as well would now incorporate energy saving programs.


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