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Repaired more ovens than had hot dinners

........note to self, must repair own oven!

Joking aside, home appliance has gained a lot of experience with repairing electric ovens. Freestanding to built-in to the large range oven sizes.

Out of all the appliances that we repair its the ovens that house more wires and an understanding of reading wiring diagrams makes our job easier. Along with experience of using electrical testing equipment to test the components used to make your oven function properly. We have worked on many makes and models of ovens.

appliance brands that home appliance repair

There are many things that can go wrong in those electric ovens and its our job to fault find correctly to enable us to order the correct part to get you cooking again. A full inspection can be given and if we come across any part that could fail then we will advise on having that part replaced.

In some cases where several wires have burnt out for example and can pose a danger to catching fire then advice would be given to isolate the appliance from the electrical supply and we can offer a replacement new oven.

If you have an electric oven or hob then contact us on 07544943594 to arrange a booking. You will receive a full inspection, any spares used will be original part only and parts fitted guaranteed should they fail.

Don't Don't put up with takeaways and get your oven up and running again by home appliance. New ovens also supplied and fitted by us too. Oh and if you want your oven cleaned back to looking like new give this local oven cleaning a call.

Don't forget to mention us when contacting them!

a repair on a range oven

This is a repair carried out on a range oven, the thermostat control dial had worn and the customer could not regulate the temperature. We had the part replaced and then the oven was tested. As you can see even in the hob area there are many wires to deal with and our knowledge and experience with reading wiring diagrams helps us to safely replace components without the risk of damaging the oven further.


Call 07544943594 for advice and to book a repair.

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