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Reconditioned appliances

Home Appliance would supply new appliances in the event of a repair been too expensive for example. We would often then remove the old appliance and if it is in good cosmetic order we would consider it for reconditioning. These appliances are available for customers who would want a cheaper alternative to buying new, they are also popular with landlords too.

The price range for reconditioned appliances are as followed.

Sell for:-

£95 - show a few slight dents and rust, low end makes, generally over 4 years old, low spin speed with basic functions and with a drum size of 6kg or less.

£110 - would have more features and be in better cosmetic condition, larger drum drum size, up to 4 years old and be made up of the mid end makes, Hotpoint, indesit, hoover, whirlpool for example.

£125 - would be machines with larger drum sizes, be made up of the higher end makes, the condition of the outer casing would be of near perfect condition.

Each has six months guarantee.

Offered with a delivery and install and removal of any old appliances.

(extra £15 if located upstairs).

Covers a replacement or repair.

This guarantee can be extended for £5 each month, up to a maximum of one year.


Testing process

The below is an example relating to washing machine's.

  • Hand pick machines for cosmetic condition.

  • Test the drum for excessive wear, bearings that are worn would be stripped down and replaced with good quality bearings (better than manufactures would fit!).

  • Rusted and dented machines, console panel condition needs looking at, those with badly faded instructions are better off used for spares too

  • Set machine on a rinse and spin to test the drain pump and water coming in for leaks, the drum noise and action. This is best done with a load. (towels). The door lock is tested too.

  • Carbon brushes on the motor checked and replaced if worn.

  • A new door seal is fitted if there is a build up of mould.

  • Heater element fitted to ensure a long service.

  • Final test is a boil wash, a small amount of washing up liquid to freshen up the drum and waste pipes so the machine is ready for use.

Based in thundersley we deliver reconditioned and new appliances in many areas from benfleet to southend on sea, rayleigh, wickford, basildon, canvey, corringham, pitsea, chadwell st mary, grays, rochford, eastwood, hockley, and anywhere inbetween.

Our aim - less appliances ending up in scrap yards, recycled and reused and often given many more years service.

Contact us on 07544943594 for an upto date list of any appliances ready for use.

We like to make use of used appliances and give them a few extra years service.

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