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Jack of all appliances

By choosing the repair option with Home Appliance, we would offer free advice that could save you money on a repair bill. And with receiving information from you the customer we would be able to diagnose the fault correctly and

pinpoint the part/fault that needs replacing or repairing.


We don’t try to be an expert at everything, limited to the four main appliances in most households means that you can have faith in our ability to pinpoint the fault and have your appliance up and running without guesswork. This avoids having parts thrown at them hoping that it would eventually work. In the event that the repair is too costly to put right we can offer you a replacement appliance to suit your budget. This will be delivered and installed professionally and a demonstration given on how to operate it.


The four main appliances are washing machines dishwashers electric ovens and dryers. Many common spares are kept in stock to ensure a first time repair. Same day or next day service is available as well.

Home Appliance caters for landlords and businesses as well as households. Liability insured to cover any accidents.

Call 07544943594 for advice and to book a repair.

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