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How we operate!

Every so often I would get together with Peter and we would discuss the experiences we have had with previous customers. No two customers are the same, we like to treat all of our customers with respect and to be transparent in the way we conduct our business and the service that's provided.

The latest addition to the business is the online booking page, not to everyone's approval I

must admit. The idea is for customers to choose their own day and time and a deposit that will be deducted from the final bill is taken (£11.50) this is to ensure that we only have people who are committed to having a repair carried out. Also you would get a reminder message an hour before the booking and it will serve as a record of the repair as well.

See below for the Booking page used


When people book with us its explained that we would be providing a service that primarily carries out repairs and if the repair is not cost effective then a new appliance can also be supplied by us. You will not be without an appliance.

If you decide not to have a repair or a replacement appliance we ask for an inspection fee of £45. On most occasions it can take longer to work out what is causing the problem and the repair is a case of supplying and fitting any spares if needed.

To book with us you would be wanting your appliance back up and running or another appliance in its place. We will provide a decent and prompt service. Each booking slot is 70 minutes long. This is very good value for money and ensures that we would spend the time making sure that your appliance has been fully diagnosed and repaired and then tested. We don't rush our service unlike many other local companies who would want to cram in as many jobs as possible. We value our customers and treat every customer on an individual basis.

If you're reading this deciding on whether or not to book with us then give me a call and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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